Green House Super Bud Automatic
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5 seeds (auto flowering) (25.00€)
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Super Bud is an indica-dominant cross between Big Bud and Skunk bred by Green House Seeds. This is a fast hitting strain that delivers heavily relaxing effects than help eliminate insomnia, pain, and appetite loss. It has a sweet, fruity aroma that is cherished by connoisseurs and a fast flowering time that appeals to both novice and expert growers. The Super Bud Auto strain allows for a generous harvest of ultra potent cannabis that grows from seed to mature plant in as few as 9 weeks. This is a great plant for beginners. Very easy to grow and ideal for indoor cultivation. Outdoors it also grows well in areas with low humidity.

Genetics Variety Difficulty Environment Height Flowering Yield

Super Bud x Ruderalis Indica / Sativa Easy Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse 60 - 70 cm 8 – 9 weeks 900 – 1000 gr/m2

Fast Hitting , Strong Body High, Highly Sedative

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