Grace Glass Ice Breaker Bong 2
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Grace Glass Ice Breaker Bong 2 Hold on... You want more? Well here you go, the Grace Glass Ice Breaker Bong with 2 Reinforced 10 ARM Tree Percolators Systems. With 5mm of thick borosilicate glass you cannot get a more chilled and suave hit. The ice notches allow for further cooling with ice cubes and the thick base makes sure this elegant bong stands up straight and proud. With the usual additions of a splash guard and extra thick mouth piece you can guarantee one of the most comfortable hits out there. Size: Height – 50 cm Diameter – 50 mm Socket – 18.8 mm Material: Glass Colour: Grace Glass GG logo in black

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Arrivé en bon état, vraiment nickel! Merci beaucoup!Il fonctionne à merveille.